Sharing Component and the PR process

Quite a while ago, on my second step into AppInventor, I picked up on some forgotten work by @cfromknecht and finished up a Sharing component. Here's a snippet of my proposal:

Problem: Sharing text or files is a big part of what mobile apps are about, but enabling this in AppInventor currently requires users to use the ActivityStarter along with a bunch of low level parameters that are not exactly easy to be found.

Proposal: A Sharing component under the Social category. It can be used to share either text or files with no need for any parameter other than the text or the path to the file. It does not have any properties.


AppInventor has a bunch of documentation on how to build a component, and some of my prior experience with sharing on android helped me get through the code quickly. The process of getting the patch to them, however, is not that simple: Before submitting the actual pull request on GitHub, I had to make a proposal and share it on the Mail List for reviews and discussion, spin up an instance on Google App Engine with my patched up version of AppInventor and also create a companion to be used with this version.

The feedback was incredibly helpful and inspiring, from all kinds of different people with one common goal: Improve this Open Source project. After a couple of quick fixes and changes, it was brought to internal review and should hopefully be incorporated some time soon!