Relative Layouts

My next task on AppInventor is to make it easier to build decent-looking apps! Right now, users are forced to nest Linear Layouts (called vertical and horizontal panels on the designer) if they want something a little more elaborate, which can be a pain.

Instead, we want to enable users to use Relative Layouts, where they will be able to keep their layout hierarchy flat (improving performance), simply setting positions relative to sibling elements or the parent layout area.

I am working alongside with @matgray. He is responsible for the GWT/designer part, where I will make sure AppInventor manages to tell Android how things should look like.

It took me a while to understand how things worked, and he went ahead and already got a lot done. To those interested in seeing how it looks like, here is an instance of AppInventor with the designer side implemented!

The skeleton of it seems to be ready on my side, but we still need to add some nice logic to transform the coordinates from the designer into relative positions. Should be fun!

Update: These changes turned out to be much deeper than originally thought. We were told to wait for someone else's guidance and have been stuck ever since. This might never make it into master :(