Victor Silva

(Side) work

With SimpleCV 1.3 coming up, I had the opportunity to help my mentor get things ready! I killed a couple of issues and worked on our system, cleaned up some examples and also created a couple of new ones.

One very interesting feature I helped with was the use of ipython notebooks. Try doing simplecv notebook on the terminal, it'll blow your mind!

Making the examples and implementing an anonymize function was a nice amount of CV fun. Check it out:

Oh, and another thing: I've received an interesting suggestion for my app. Its transformation is already finished up, and the UI is on its way. Yay!

Concept ready

After spending some serious time killing all the bugs I could find and enhancing a couple of things, I'm proud to say that the concept of my project is ready: Whoever wants to use SimpleCV to manipulate images remotely already has quite a lot of code and resources available. I hope this opens a couple of bridges!

The application itself still needs an user-interface, and I'll be working on some kind of cool transformation for the next days.  As for now, what we have should (and hopefully will) attract developers, and if we can get an interesting transformation on our first app we'll also have a bunch of new common users!

This is how it looks like for now:

 (It should stay that way until I get help with the design)

I've already received a couple of interesting suggestions of things to do with the pictures. I'll finally learn some real CV stuff - despite being a SimpleCV GSoC Intern, I still haven't learned or done anything relevant directly related to Computer Vision - and maybe give SimpleCV a couple of new examples.

I'm excited!

Interactive Tutorial and Asynchronous Tasks

In a short 'break time' from Android, I developed a fairly needed Interactive Tutorial for SimpleCV. All I needed was the InteractiveInterpreter (from code import InteractiveInterpreter).

It seems to be working well, and I tried to give the user a little more freedom than with our previous tutorial:

Back to the Android side, I've been struggling with Asynchronous Tasks. It's a whole new concept, and I found out that much of what I was doing didn't entirely follow 'the Android way'. I tried using the post(Runnable) method, but I kept getting NullPointerExceptions, so I decided to try the AsyncTask approach, and It's finally working!!

My app doesn't hang during upload anymore, but I've already found some other issues: I'll probably have to reduce the standard quality of the pictures, because I've been getting FCs when the files are bigger than 2M (maybe also find out how to fix that and give the user the choice...).

Wish me luck!