Victor Silva

Good news!


It's been way too long since I showed up here. I have great news!

I am glad to say I will take part in Google Summer of Code with SimpleCV again this year! Last year's program taught me quite much, and it might have polished up my resume just enough for another awesome opportunity:

I've been accepted for a one-year scholarship at Cornell University starting next Fall, through Brazil's Science Without Borders program. In a couple of months, I'll be an Undergraduate (transfer) student of Computer Science at Cornell university. Yay!

Hacking + Fun!

After a couple of months as a member of our local hackerspace, the CGHackspace (, still needs things to be translated to English), I've taken part in and organized a bunch of awesome events. Check it out:

Arduino #1 - Baby steps

We bought ourselves a couple of awesome Arduino Starter Kits, and had a ton of fun with them. After going through a couple of tutorials we even thought of some projects our own!

(Make sure you click next and watch all three videos!)

Kinect #1 - Harder, Better, Faster, Slower, Faster, Slower, Faster, Slower

On our first attempt with Kinect, we decided to use OpenNI + PyOpenNI and their ready-to-use hand tracking. We made it track a hand, which set the speed at which a song was played. 

Code at


Kinect #2 - Kinectonematrix

Based on, we created a tonematrix which takes as input the depth detected by the Kinect.

We used two computers, one running Linux, using SimpleCV to grab the images from the Kinect and process them, creating the 'tone matrix', and the other running Windows and synthesizing the audio.

Arduino #2 - Bluetooth car

Every one of us had already seen a small car being controlled with an Android phone and thought "Hey, that's AWESOME!". We couldn't help but try it ourselves!

We used Amarino for the Android side, and wrote the Arduino code ourselves. I'm going to edit this and post a link to the source as soon as I find it!

It did look a little silly because we didn't have a battery (computer on a big chair wired to a remotely controlled car), but we had tons of fun.


Nice, isn't it?

We've just received our Raspberry Pi, and we're all just DYING to play with it. Compiling a base image right now... I'll keep you posted!

The end!

After three really interesting months, GSoC 2012 has come to an end! I've definitely learned a ton of things, and I'm proud of my accomplishments (hey, this is only my first semester of CS).

My main objective was to develop a concept application which should help developers have fun with SimpleCV. I recorded the result, check it out:


Other than learning Java/Android from scratch, I ended up improving my python skills and getting to know Computer Vision. Nice, isn't it? I'm really glad I had this opportunity.

A big thanks to @anthony_oliver, my awesome mentor, to the CV ninja @kscottz and to my fellow GSoC Interns @jayrambhia and Vijay.

Link to the repository