It's been about five months since I started my visiting year at Cornell University, and a ton has happened since then:

One of my greatest interests back at UFCG was Competitive Programming. I was lucky enough to join Cornell's ACM group, and joined one of the teams competing at the 2013 ACM ICPC Greater New York Region at Yale UniversityCornell's coach is the great Daniel Fleischman, a Brazilian PhD Student at Cornell University - what a coincidence!

Even though I had just been studying Computer Science for three semesters, I decided to take fairly advanced courses. The most challenging and rewarding were Computer Vision, which after my GSoC experiences I simply had to take, and Functional Programming, whose workload and difficulty was known to separate the men from the boys. They were definitely worth it.

Short after the beginning of the semester, I went to a Career Fair and applied to a few companies I wanted to work at. Facebook was one of them, and that ended up with me flying to their headquarters and finally getting an offer. Their office is amazing - no member of a hackerspace could hope for a better match - and I took the offer. That means I'll work as a Software Engineering Intern at Facebook this Summer. Yay!

I am already excited about the next semester, especially about a course called Open Source Software Engineering. I'll be part of Facebook Open Academy contributing to AppInventor! Look out for weekly updates on my progress.