Concept ready

After spending some serious time killing all the bugs I could find and enhancing a couple of things, I'm proud to say that the concept of my project is ready: Whoever wants to use SimpleCV to manipulate images remotely already has quite a lot of code and resources available. I hope this opens a couple of bridges!

The application itself still needs an user-interface, and I'll be working on some kind of cool transformation for the next days.  As for now, what we have should (and hopefully will) attract developers, and if we can get an interesting transformation on our first app we'll also have a bunch of new common users!

This is how it looks like for now:

 (It should stay that way until I get help with the design)

I've already received a couple of interesting suggestions of things to do with the pictures. I'll finally learn some real CV stuff - despite being a SimpleCV GSoC Intern, I still haven't learned or done anything relevant directly related to Computer Vision - and maybe give SimpleCV a couple of new examples.

I'm excited!