Change of Plans

The original plans for my GSoC were to use PhoneGap and develop a SimpleCV Mobile App. It's main goal is to increase SimpleCV's user base and show the world how powerful it is, and my first step was to get it working for Android.

After a couple of days trying to get the app to upload to my python web-server, I didn't really know what else to try: Couldn't find any similar examples, couldn't change the way I sent the picture, got no help either on the mailing list or the IRC channel... I wasn't getting anywhere, so I decided to go native.

As I had never played with Java/Android before, it took me the whole weekend to get it going. I'm proud to say that my app already takes/selects pictures and sends it (successfuly) to my web-server, and that was probably the hardest part!

There's still a really long way ahead of me, but this is the general idea of the app:

I'll keep you posted on my progress, but this is what it's like so far: Github Repository