The first tasks for AppInventor Open Academy students are fairly simple: Placing ourselves in the users' shoes and getting ready to start developing.

I actually followed the wrong order for these tasks. As always, I was curious to see how their code was organized before even checking how things worked. It was quite simple to get working servers and I am ready to start hacking!

We are expected to come up with an app and bring it to the Kick-off Hackathon at Facebook's headquarters. I decided I couldn't leave out my GSoC experience, and chose to try and reproduce my simplecv-mobile-camera, so that I can get a feeling of how AI interfaces with APIs and sends images.

Just like in my GSoC app, I am basically going to take a picture, send it to a webserver and then get back a new picture. It's quite easy to acquire sensor data, so I'll send along some accelerometer values and make the picture parallel to the ground.

I got myself a virtual machine and set the server up alongside with this new version of my blog, and got the simple effect for the picture working. The hardest part - transferring pictures to and from the webserver - remains.