AppInventor First App

It took me a while, but AppInventor PostFile does work and I was able to get pictures sent from within my app to my tornado webserver without much trouble. As always, it took me a while to figure out how to access the picture - It could not be found as an attached file but rather within the body of the PostFile request. That should probably have been the first place to look!

My app is just a slightly better version of what I came up with during GSoC12, and I was definitely impressed by how quick and easy it is to make an app with AI. I highly recommend trying it out, you can get your ideas up on your Android Device in no time.

As it didn't take me too long to finish it up, I decided to try to add sharing to the app as well. Since it is extremely easy on Android, I figured I was just a couple of blocks away, but couldn't be more wrong.

This then became the subject of my first pull request: Enabling users to share without having to know low-level android stuff to pass to SEND intents. I am excited to see how the feedback process will go.