Victor Silva

victsou (at)


I'm a Software Engineer at Google. I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Universidade Federal de Campina Grande - Brazil, and I also spent one year as a fully-funded visiting student at Cornell University. My main interests are Machine Learning and Open Source Software. Here's my resume!

Open Source

I've contributed to a few projects over the last few years and I've been trying my luck with TensorFlow in the last few months. These are the most interesting things I've worked on in the past:

I wrote a PyTorch implementation of Quantifying the Visual Concreteness of Words and Topics in Multimodal Datasets. It uses a ResNet50 along with Spotify's Annoy library to compute visual concreteness scores of words of a given multimodal dataset.

ONOS - Open Network Operating System
ONOS was of great interest to and we tried to upstream what we thought the community could benefit from or help with. Here are my patches.

While working as a research assistant at the Distributed Systems Laboratory during my undergrad, I also made a few contributions to OpenStack.

SimpleCV is an open source framework for computer vision. I worked on it as part of two Google Summer of Code editions, in 2012 and 2013, in my very first internships.
Here are my patches and my rudimentary SimpleCV-powered mobile app prototype.

Another couple of smaller examples are my contribution to MIT's AppInventor and a Kinect version of Tonematrix that I hacked together with fellow members of our local hackerspace (too) many years ago - here's the code and a video (in Portuguese).